Sales Training

Agency Growth and Sales Training for Insurance Agencies. Also available for Carriers, Associations and Vendors that support the Local Agent Channel.

Insurance Agency Owners need a source for Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Operations training. When you attend a workshop, how much of the information is actually implemented in your agency? And when it’s implemented, how often does it become longterm and move the revenue needle? Our training is designed for Agency Owners first, then the staff follows so everyone hears the same core principles, terminology and the same delivery.

Hiring Producers, CSR’s and Account Managers is expensive but not providing training makes it more expensive. Most agencies hire someone new and “sit” new hires with an experienced veteran in the agency to “show them the ropes”. After a few days of this hands-on training, the new hire  sits at a desk and starts to sell or service or whatever they were hired to do.

Most Agency Owners are trying to change their agency, however by following the training program above, you’re duplicating more of what you have. If you’re an agency owner with rockstars for employees, then keep doing what you’re doing! For the other 90%, consider a neutral 3rd party to provide training for your team.

Wouldn’t you like to send your staff to an agency training course on prospecting and closing new business, cross-selling existing accounts, up-selling coverage when appropriate and why it’s imperative to have a great attitude. Contact us to learn how we can help your agency. We offer discounts for certain Association and Carrier affiliations. Please inquire for more information.